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Tired of the same old menu? Customers asking for non-meat options?
CHi Foods offers a restaurant-grade, plant-based meat your chefs will love to cook with! Use a meat alternative that sizzle in minutes, satisfies cravings, and is fully certified organic. Nationwide delivery. Let's revolutionize your menu!

Bulk Food Service

Your customers are craving something new and delicious – ditch the boring beef and give them a plant-based option that'll blow their tastebuds away! We can deliver food service qualities of our organic plant-based meat to your kitchen

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Innovate your menu

Interested in innovating, but need help with a new menu ideas? We can help! Our team is can formula new menu items just for our customers, for free.

Our organic plant-based meat is the future of food — let us elevate your menu.

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Food Service FAQ

How do I use it?

Forget that bland, mystery-meat you call ground beef. CHi Foods plant-based meat is your ticket to bold flavors and dishes that'll have your customers buzzing. Dumplings? Check. Pasta? Oh yeah. This stuff cooks up in a sizzling 4 minutes, with a rich flavor and satisfying chew that'll leave 'em begging for more. Get ready, because your menu's about to get a serious upgrade.

Where can I order

Ditch the distribution drama, babe! CHi Foods is all over SoCal, ready to hit your kitchen faster than you can say "plant-powered." We even ship nationwide, but hey, if you've got a distributor you love, we're cool with that too. You want the good stuff, we make it happen.

What is the pack size?

Our 10lb cases (two 5lb inner bags) offer substantial portions and minimize waste. We're flexible on order sizes, accommodating both small parcels and pallet quantities.

What is the shelf life?

It ships frozen, a powerhouse of flavor locked in time, good for a whole year. Need it now? This stuff thaws like a dream and stays fresh in your fridge for a whole month. No more last-minute scrambles, just bold, delicious dishes ready to take your menu by storm.